Lots of Options to Meet Any Budget

Sponsorships are a huge part of what makes Power eXchange Summit sustainable year after year. And we are more than happy to work with you to design the sponsorship package that will fulfill your group or business needs.

This is also where you can find out about program book and webpage advertising.

Hospitality Suites

Increase Visibility for Your Group, Business, or Viewpoint!


Hospitality suites are just one of the many ways that you can make Power eXchange Summit your event. We give you a time and space, and you provide drinks and/or snacks, as well as tell people about you, hand out literature and meet and greet to your heart’s content!

Silent Auction

Donate to the Silent Auction and Support Worthwhile Causes!

Our Silent Auction each year is a lot of fun for our attendees and serves two great purposes. First, we provide a financial donation to the Columbus Space for Alternative Self-Expression. Second, we take the PXS staff out for a great meal as a way to say “thanks” for all the essential work they do! Click here to donate!

Lots of options to serve your needs



 One standard event registration; a quarter-page program ad; website ad (excludes home page), 150x150 icon, 10 words and link.



Two standard event registrations
A half-page program ad
Website ad (excludes home page)
 – 150x150 icon  10 words and link.



Two VIP event registrations; a full-page program ad; home page website ad.

Program Book Options

Back Cover – $150

5 x 7.5 color page on the back cover of program book

Full Page Ad – $75

5 x 7.5 page ad in our premium program book

Half Page Ad – $50

5 x 3.75 page ad in our premium run book

Quarter Page Ad – $25

5 x 1.5 page ad in our premium run book

Hospitality Suites

Increase visibility for your group, business, or view point!

Sponsoring a Hospitality Suite is your group’s chance to make yourself visible to all the attendees of the Power eXchange Summit.

PXS will set aside a table in a high traffic area within the conference space specifically for your group.

Your group will need to provide refreshments and a fun social atmosphere. During this time, the sponsoring group will be part of the event – a great way to introduce your group to the attendees!

PXS will provide…

  • Space dedicated for your group for a portion of the event
  • An introduction of your group at the Ceremonies as part of the event
  • Advertising on the website, run book, and elsewhere