Presenter Application

Presenting Application Timeline Summary

  • Applications are being accepted between January 1st, 2018 and February 1, 2018.
  • Initial response to acknowledge that we have received it will be sent within 3 days.
  • Decision letters will be sent out between February 1st and February 15th

Welcome to Power eXchange Summit

We offer our attendees a unique event and thus you’ll have unique options as a presenter! Beyond bringing your workshops and presentations, we have a variety of other aspects of the event you might enjoy taking part in, such as the VIP meet and greet.
We ask that you read this entire application so you understand what we are looking for in our presenters and what you can expect from us. Toward the end you’ll find instructions on becoming part of our event.

Our expectations

Presenters are a major part of what makes an event successful. At our event, this is even more important, as our participants are focused on learning and growing and interacting.
We make lots of room for you to be involved in more than just presenting, so will normally ask you to not only present classes but also to be involved in a few other aspects of the event.

We expect our presenters to…
  • Teach from experience. We are only interested in presenters who have experience living this dynamic.
  • Be at the entire event, which runs from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.
  • Be part of the event. Be involved. Hang out. Don’t leave the site for hours to go sightseeing or hide in your room and play Minecraft or watch TV.
  • Enjoy yourself. Have fun. This is a part of being part of the event.
  • Be open to people coming up to you after your classes with follow up questions or comments. This is a highly interactive event.
  • Be honest about your level of experience. We are totally open to new and upcoming presenters as well as veterans.
  • Let people know where and what you’ll be presenting by sharing with your followers on Twitter, Yahoo groups, and any other platforms where you interact with people.
What you can expect from us

We will treat you like a very key part of our event’s success, because you are. You can expect a staff person who is devoted to making the experience great for you (and that is their only job), presenter “gift bags” that will really feel like gifts, meals, and whatever else we can provide to make your experience one where you will want to come back and present year after year.


Most of our presenting budget goes to creating the overall experience for all of our presenters. But we have some wiggle room. We ask you indicate on the presenter form what you need. We want this to be a win-win for all of us.
By default, presenter compensation includes free event admission (see Event Passes for specifics below), reduced hotel cost (you pay the same that our staff pays), and a VIP meal Saturday night (see VIP Tickets for presenters below).


We just need you to
1) click on this link to fill out the info on the Presenter Application (
2) send a photo for the website and run book to with your presenting name in the subject line.

Additional Notes:
Event Passes for presenters
All presenters/presenter grouping receive free ticket for themselves, as well as may receive up to four more 50% off tickets.

VIP Tickets for presenters
All presenters are requested to join us Saturday night for the VIP dinner, a chance for presenters, staff, and a few attendees (those that purchase a VIP ticket), to share a meal together. All presenters/presenter groupings are able to bring one guest to the VIP dinner providing you provide the person’s name in the application. This allows us to place the food order. If you would like to include more people, we will provide two 50% off VIP tickets instead of the regular tickets normally included (see Event Passes for presenters)

Please read this entire application
Questions? Contact us at