One of our favorite features at PXS is Subs Seeking Service (SSS), an opportunity for submissives and slaves to:

  • Challenge yourself
  • Express your abilities
  • Try service at a large scale
  • Perhaps even show off a bit

Subs Seeking Service runs all weekend within PXS and is for submissives, property and slaves only. When you volunteer for SSS, you’ll pick a when and length of time you want to serve. Then you’ll don a special SSS badge and, along with PXS Director RavenWitch, identify opportunities to serve. Perhaps you’ll be tasked with refilling a stranger’s water or fetching something from across the room. Or if you have a special skill and express that to RavenWitch (perhaps you kneel gracefully or can make animal towels or describe a specific style of power exchange), it’s possible you’ll be told to show that skill off.

What won’t you be asked to do? First and foremost, YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED TO PROVIDE ANY SEXUAL SERVICE. Additionally, you will not be asked to help set up rooms, watch doors, or check badges. (If you also have a regular volunteer shift, you’ll have a chance do to that later.) At any point, you can be done and go on about your day.


Interested? Come to the SSS Meet & Greet on Friday evening to find out more!



Q ~ Can I trust this “RavenWitch” person?

A ~ Yes! She wants you to enjoy the event in a safe environment.


Q ~ Can my master be the one in charge? Or just be with us?

A ~ Absolutely! All interactions are to be negotiated between participating parties.


Q ~ What if I sign up but then change my mind?

A ~ No problem at all. This is strictly optional and hopefully fun.