RavenWitch and PrurientGent of Cask Strength Productions are honored to be the new producers of PXS, building on the solid event foundation laid by Dan and dawn. RavenWitch and PrurientGent have served on the PXS staff for a number of years. They have been married more than 23 years and began their journey into ethical non-monogamy two decades ago. They want to provide encouragement and support to others in the power exchange, poly and kink communities whenever possible. Raven is active in the Lexington (KY) kink community as a charter member of the Lexington Leather Hearts Club. PrurientGent considers himself polyamorous, vanilla – with a twist – and a bit of a sensualist.

Event Photographer Barak
PXS Liaison boi Kris
Meet & Greet Facilitators boi Kris & Sarah
Silent Auction Coordinator cailin
Presenter Coordinator ctrl-z
Security Coordinator Father_Michael
Entertainment Coordinators Goddessy & Heather
Assistant to the Producers jes
Hospitality & Vendor Coordinator Kaseem
Gaming Coordinator Marcus
Volunteer Coordinator Mary Beth
Subs Seeking Service Coordinator mocha
PR/Marketing Coordinator Sarah