If you’ve been to our previous events, you’ve seen the magic our entertainment crew can do in creating different atmospheres and social spaces. This year will be no exception, with more variety than ever!

This year’s theme is STEAMPUNK!


If you’re looking for a fun, informal way to meet other event attendees and get a feel for PXS, our Friday evening Meet-and-Greet will be a perfect place to start!

VIP Reception

Attendees with VIP tickets will have the chance to mingle with PXS presenters and staff members, as well as enjoy hors d’oeuvres and drinks, at a VIP Reception prior to Friday’s opening ceremony. The reception replaces the VIP dinner held at previous summits, in order to give attendees more freedom to meet and chat with more presenters and staff, as well as each other.

 High-Protocol Parlor

Say hello to a new, energy-filled offering…the High-Protocol Parlor! Friday night after our opening ceremony, join us for a sophisticated hour or two and relish in your power exchange. More details to come!

 Saturday PXS Steampunk Casino

You’ll be given a stack of chips for games like blackjack, poker and roulette! And turn those chips into prizes, like free tickets to next year’s event! Not a fan of gaming? No problem! You can also win via our steampunk costume contest! In conjunction with our themed casino, event photographer Barak will set up to take professional portraits.

 Game Room

Game Master Marcus and crew will have dozens of board and card games available in our social game room. Jump into a game and meet new people or have Marcus teach you some new ones. From classics like Settlers of Catan to the poly version of Cards Against Humanity, you’ll find a seat set out for you!

 Cigar Social

There is just something about a cigar! Join us for an outside social experience Friday and Saturday evenings where we will sink into the delicious act of cigar smoking. Curious about cigars? This space is for you as well.

Social Space

A lot of what keeps people coming back to PXS year after year is the social space and chance to just hang out and chat with fellow power exchange people. Sometimes that nugget of wisdom you’re looking for comes from a 20-year power exchange veteran. Sometimes it’s from a person who’s just getting started. Either way, just hanging out and connecting with like-minded people in the Social Space is one of the best parts of the event.