PXS is open to adults, 19 years old (on the first day of the event) or older. A valid government issued ID is required for entrance and registration to any PXS event.


NO ID = NO Entry; No Exceptions.


Drug & Firearms Policy


No illegal drugs, illegal substances and/or firearms may be brought into the Event Space. Anyone who is noticeably affected by either alcohol or drugs will be refused admittance or asked to leave by the PXS Staff.




No real animals of any kind are permitted in any area of the event, with the exception of service animals. If you require a service animal during the event, please notify the event producers prior to arrival


Name badges


All PXS attendees will be required to wear their name badge in the Event Space at all times. Name badges are not to be shared. If found doing so, the offender and the owner of the badge will be ejected from the event with no refund.


Attire/Clothing/Dress Code


All attendees must dress in both a “street legal” and appropriate manner during the event. If you have to ask if something is inappropriate, it probably is. Keep in mind that hallways, the parking lot, the hotel lobby, hotel restaurant, hotel swimming pool, local businesses/restaurants, etc. are not part of the event, and vanilla behavior and attire are required. Security will prevent you from leaving the Event Space until covered appropriately. This includes not wearing leashes in public areas. Basically, no nudity or attire that will draw attention to our event. This also includes no nudity in Event Space, as hotel staff will be in our space, though other hotel attendees will not.




Please refrain from behaviors that interfere with the presenters’ classes or another’s enjoyment of this event. If you feel you are the subject of rude, inappropriate or non-consensual behavior, please notify PXS Staff immediately.


Cellular Phones & Electronics


If you must carry a cell phone, keep it on silent or vibrate during the event. Cell phones are to be used in designated spaces only, which are beyond the pipe and drape. Cell phone use is strictly forbidden in the Event Space. Offenders will be ejected from the event immediately with no refund


Damage to the Hotel


Please be cautious of hotel property – including hotel structures, walls, furniture, appliances, fixtures, etc. You will be held personally responsible for any and all damage that occurs as a direct or indirect result of your actions. Report any such damage to the PXS Staff. 




Please bring any emergencies (medical or otherwise) to the immediate attention of a PXS Staff member.




This is a Power Exchange event, meaning there are various forms of protocol depending on the persons. Mutual respect is the standard. If you are not sure of someone’s protocol, be polite and respectful when asking.


Gender Policy


PXS is committed to being an inclusive, safe, welcoming and positive space for people of any gender orientation or sexual preference. The entire event is classified as pansexual and “all gender friendly”. Please respect everyone’s gender self-identification. If you are not sure about how someone prefers to be referred to, ask politely.


Hotel Staff & Public Areas


Hotel staff are not part of the event, and may be offended by open displays of sexuality or kink. Please treat them as vanillas with courtesy and respect. Please do not display or “test” toys – floggers, whips, other implements of WIITWD outside of the PXS Event Space or around hotel staff that are in our area. Please be respectful of the hotel staff and help us to give them a reason to bring us back next year.


Illegal Activities


Anything that is against the law in the state of Ohio, or the USA, is still illegal in the PXS Event Space and the host hotel. This includes solicitation, prostitution, negotiation of payment for play or sexual services, use or sale of illegal substances, etc. The Power eXchange Summit will not knowingly admit to the event any individual who has been convicted of a sexual crime and/or is a registered sex offender in any jurisdiction.


Lost & Found


If you have found an item that is not yours, please drop it off at the event registration table. If you have lost an item, please check at the registration table or with PXS security.


Photography Policy


No photography is allowed within the event space, with the exception of the official event photographer and the designated picture taking area. This policy extends to any form of electronically or film recorded media. Confidentiality is imperative and allows for events like this to be safe spaces for people who are attending the event.




Safety and discretion of the event participants is paramount. If this is jeopardized, the offending person will be immediately ejected from the event and banned from further PXS events or functions. These rules apply to everyone.


Smoking areas


There is no smoking inside the Event Space or hotel rooms. This includes e-cigs and vaping. There are available smoking areas on the hotel property, including the Cigar Social area. Ohio law prohibits smoking in the common areas of the hotel.


Tickets, Refunds & Transfers


No one will be permitted, under any circumstances, to enter the PXS Event Space without advance registration. There are no ticket sales, exchanges, refunds, substitutions, etc. at the event site by anyone for any reason. Refunds (for 60% of the purchase price) will be given until 45 days prior to the event. After that date, there will be no refunds offered. Registration transfers are prohibited and will not be allowed for any reason.




Only approved PXS vendors may sell anything on the hotel property the weekend of the event and only from designated vendor areas. (Presenters with books must make arrangements with the PXS presenter coordinator.) Vending from cars, hotel rooms, hallways, hotel lobby or other event/hotel locations is not permitted, and unauthorized vendors will be removed from the event and hotel properties.


PXS reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason.