What is the cost?

The full event is $49; VIP tickets are $99 and include the off site Presenter dinner

Are there hotel rooms?

This year the event is at a private venue. The nearest hotel is 0.25 miles away. Click here for some options

What is the event location?

The Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression
180 Outerbelt St
Columbus OH 43213

What about next year? Going back to a hotel?

Yes! We are already working on securing a multiyear hotel deal.

What about vendors?

Vendor space will be very limited this year

What about privacy?

We recognize how 'out' you are is a personal choice. Our event space is in a private venue.

Is this a sex event? Kink event? Hook up event?

This is an event that supports power exchange relationships.
~ There is no play space...but some people are kinky.
~ It isn't an event that focuses on meeting people.
~ It isn't a gaming con...but we provide game night (and of course all four expansions of Cards Against Humanity!)

And for those that want a specific focus we provide space to make Power eXchange Summit yours and run a summit that focuses on what is important to you!

Can I bring my children to PXS?

Only those over 19 will be allowed in event space.

How accessible is the event for differently abled people?

The entire event is wheel chair accessible and on a single floor. We also offer a sign language interpreter (but you must contact us to reserve their services before the event to guarantee they will be available)

What is the Dress Code?

We have a private space for the event. Within event space, you can wear whatever you want.