Master/slave Spirit
Master Michael/slave angie
There are many types of M/s relationships but one thing seems to permeate the ones that last a long time ... the idea that the relationship is “bigger than us.” That has been our experience and becoming spiritual in our M/s has solidified our foundation and opened up new areas for us to explore.
What we cover in this class is a lot of our experiences, and some learned lessons. This class is one of those where we are facilitators of a discussion, as we are all journeying through our own paths.
Topics that we’ll touch on:
- How spirituality evolved for us
- How to support growth (and ways to avoid undermining it)
- Slave fears - losing myself and my spirituality in serving Master
- Master responsibilities - I have to lead where we’re going

Powerful Minds - Masters and Mental Challenges Master Michael/slave angie
Can someone with depression, autism or other mental disabilities be the Master, Dominant or “Big Letter” in a relationship dealing with power, authority, control? How does one go about constructing such a relationship, living it with the challenges that come from a mental health disability? In this class, Master Michael will share his experiences of living as a Master with ASD and depression. He’ll share his successes, challenges, learning opportunities (in other words, the times he made mistakes!) and open the class up to those who also wish to share or ask questions. Master Michael is not a doctor or trained therapist, and does not play one on the Internet, but he has a lifetime of experiences with living M/s and with mental health disabilities.

Action Expresses Priorities Kevin & katie
Your Needs, Wants and Desires should be used to create a set of priorities that inform your decision making and guide your actions. This class follows that chain, from beginning to end, helping turn priorities into actions. We'll cover some basics of setting priorities, skillful decision making, and staying on target.
In a Power Exchange relationship, how do you make decision that are guided by priorities? When your life or your relationship seem to be struggling (either a full explosion or just a little hiccup), can using priorities as a tool help put things right? Kevin and katie share tips and techniques for using a focus on priorities to support and enhance your relationship and personal growth.

M/s & Poly & a vanilla girl moves in Dan & dawn
Join Dan and dawn, an M/s couple of over 16 years and co-producers of Beyond The Love, the fastest growing polyamory event in the mid-west, as they share about polyamory, power exchange, and long term success. They talk about navigating between two contradictory views - the hierarchal nature of power exchange and the polyamory communities dislike of couples privilege.
Also discussed are tools to keep each relationship (and each person) strong and vibrant, what happens when you add non-power exchange people to the mix, how to keep relationships healthy when they end, and more!
Dan and dawn are well suited to teach this class. They currently live in a split house with Dan's vanilla partner of 10 years and will include the experience of navigating those uncharted waters!

Surviving Separation: What to do When You Are Apart Chanteuse
Many people are separated for a time by something: work, family emergencies, war. How do you maintain your relationship during the time you are apart? How do you resume your relationship after the changes you both made while apart? This session focuses on mechanisms that can be used to hold it together while you are separated and get it back together when reunited. It focuses on both the departing and the remaining parties, as they face different challenges. It is not specifically about Long Distance Relationships (LDR) but many of the skills can be applied there.

"Master, I Am Not A Doormat! ...I am a foot stool though!" Master Jon and slave amendah
Are you the sort who likes to be humiliated? Or perhaps objectified? Or maybe you prefer to be trained to hold positions and provide very specific service? Or do you just like to use your body and feel close to your partner(s)?
Come figure out new ways to accomplish all of these goals and more within the world of human furniture! Master Jon and slave amendah will take you through considerations of safety, different forms of HF play, and show how it can be used on its own or as an enhancement of the play you're already doing!

The Science of BDSM: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future Research on Consensual Power Exchange Brad Sagarin, Ph.D., and Ellen Lee, M.A.
The Science of BDSM Research Team has a goal of demystifying and destigmatizing consensual power exchange. In this talk we will share past research from other labs that has explored the personality characteristics of BDSM practitioners and research from our lab investigating the physiological and psychological effects of engaging in BDSM. We'll also share the results of an in-depth interview study on the dynamics of power exchange and the different styles of BDSM relationships. We look forward to feedback from the PXS community to help guide future research on consensual power exchange!

Literary Lust: Using Fiction to Build Your Reality Trouvere
One challenge to starting your Power Exchange Relationship is defining what you want. Expressing that desire is the next challenge. Fiction can help with both of these.
Examples of relationship structure and emotional intent can be taken from many sources. We will discuss the excellent Marketplace series as a source of inspiration. Also included are other staples of erotic fiction such as The Story of O and Cecilia Tan's writings. There is room for some science fiction in there and the odd German philosopher. Even 50 Shades can have some good words. Which words reach you?

"Interpreting "Extreme Ownership" - What a Business Book Taught Me About M/s Master Jon and slave amendah
Being a leader is not an easy proposition, whether you lead a slave, a project, or a platoon. Master Jon interprets the New York Times bestseller Extreme Ownership and will discuss how the lessons of corporate and battlefield leadership make for more effective Masters and slaves.

Ask Us The Hard Shit Kevin & katie; Dan & dawn
Kevin & katie have been in a power exchange relationship for 15 years; Dan & dawn just celebrated 16 years. How do you stay in a TPE relationship for the long term? Well, you face what life throws at you, and here is your chance to ask us about it. This panel style presentation is your chance to 'ask us the hard shit'. Leave your 101 questions at home and come at us(?) with the deep and challenging ones - like home foreclosures, home infernos, major debt, health challenges, children turning into adults, jealousy, mismatched libido, undermined trust …what are the big deals and how do you handle them? "Some people say when they have to deal with hard issues they take a break from power exchange. We do the opposite - for us, it is the foundation to how we deal with it."  

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