Exchanging and Maintaining Power MsDDom and CreamDream

This interactive workshop ignites and encourages thought on how to exchange power and maintain power within a relationship dynamic. Create a personal plan to negotiate basic steps of exchanging power, mutual satisfaction, outline structure and balance, maintain a positive flow of exchange, prevent loss of power, and how to regain power if lost. MsDDom and CreamDream will also share how they keep communication open and power exchanging.

The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good Daddy Kenyon & SwitchyButch

The myth of perfection has stood in the way of many good D-types. Daddy Kenyon addresses the myths and cognitive distortions related to perfection, offering some observations from her own journey. This class also gives some tools to combat the impulses toward perfectionism. Learn how to use these tools to move out of fear and into confidence. This class is aimed primarily at D-types.

Let’s Play Follow the Leader Sir Luke and His victor

We’ve all seen those videos about how it’s better to be a leader than a boss, but what are the skills needed to become that leader? In this class, we’ll discuss how to inspire willing surrender [rather than forceful defeat] and devotion [without fear of consequence]. From both the Master’s and slave’s perspective, participants will learn about what qualities make an effective leader and how to reinforce behavior so that it becomes habit.

Mindfulness: Practices and Philosophies for Deepening and Connecting in your M/s Relationship slave lyon

This class will present information as to what mindfulness is, discuss examples of mindfulness practice and its benefits, and discuss its applications and benefits for couples and relationships in general, as well as M/s and power exchange relationships in specific. If you’ve been in a PE relationship for any length of time, you know there are times where it feels like the focus isn’t there, or that things are a bit on auto-pilot and it can be frustrating to figure out how to smooth the rough edges and get things back on track. Mindfulness is one way in which to help you get over this bump, and can be applied to most any area of life, improving overall wellness. There will also be an interactive component to practice and illuminate what mindfulness entails, but no one is forced to participate unless you wish!

Self – Care for Submissives slave lyon

As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup, and no where is this more true than for those who spend their time taking care of others. If you don’t take care of yourself, there will be nothing left for anyone else. This class will explore self-care as a concept, as well as discuss practical ways submissives can implement self-care into their daily lives and impart some real tools for their own well-being to take home.

Creative Protocols for D/s Relationships Graydancer & naiia

At its essence, being in a D/s relationship is an exercise in creativity. How do you create the interactions and habits that nurture your relationship and also stimulate your dominant and submissive natures? How can you structure and utilize your environment to support the power exchange relationship? What are some strategies for when the well runs dry? Gray and Naiia will break down some common elements of protocols and then lead attendees in exercises to come up with effective methods for creating new protocols to bring partners closer and make the D/s even hotter.

The Myth of All or Nothing: Part Time Power Exchange Daddy Kenyon & SwitchyButch

Is it really “all or nothing” when it comes to power exchange? Come learn from the experiences of a couple of busy switches, who learned how to stop worrying and love part-time power exchange! Whether limited by other responsibilities such as career obligations, family, or outside relationships, or driven by the natural rhythm and needs of the partners, power exchange is beautiful when it is cherished for the time when we choose it. Come learn more about the mindful practices of “part time power” including ways that any relationship can incorporate intention, ritual, and practicality to love each moment, for an hour, a day, or a lifetime.

Do Long Distance Power Exchange Relationships really work? Master Tony Black & boy shane

Power Exchange Relationships are incredibly fulfilling. They are more intense, more volatile, more fragile, and require real intention to keep them fulfilling. As a result, they are more rewarding and YES they do work.
What do you do when the person you really click with is in another state, across the country, or on the other side of the world? Does this mean you can’t have a meaningful Power Exchange Relationship with them? …. NO. Does it take work and creativity? .YES.

Whether short term or long term, long-distance D/s can be both challenging and immensely fulfilling. Master Tony and boy shane have been successfully living a D/s dynamic for 6 years. T/they will share T/their experience living a 24/7 D/s Power Exchange Lifestyle while living 1200 miles apart. T/they will share T/their Journey, what worked, what didn’t work and how they overcame obstacles.

The Journey OUTSIDE the Box Master Tony Black & boy shane

This workshop presentation and discussion takes a joyful look at multiple relationship dynamics within a D/s and/or Leather/multifaceted Lifestyle. Regardless of your relationship identification, multiple relationship dynamics may coexist within one or more relationships. This workshop is not about role-playing a part for a fun/Hot time, its about living the joyful reality and maneuvering through the challenges of a multiple dynamic relationships. It’s about open discovery and bringing ALL of who you are into your relationship and Lifestyle.

Back to the Future, Part M/s Master Michael and slave Angie

When we “”took the plunge”” almost fourteen years ago, we had no idea what we were getting into as a Master and slave. All we knew is that this was HOT, it was something that had called to us for a long time and we were going to make it work.

Well, what if we hopped into that DeLorean and took that 88mph trip back to fourteen years ago? What would we tell ourselves at the beginning? What lessons have we learned over the years about being Master and slave? What tips and tricks would we give ourselves to make the road a bit less bumpy?

Master Michael and slave angie will share stories and lessons from their experiences as Master and slave. While their trip has sometimes felt like a ride using 1.21 gigawatts and flaming smoking tires, it has also been a dream to live each day together. Their hope is that you’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll ask questions and you’ll come away with your own lessons to change YOUR future in your Power Dynamic relationship.

Accepting Service Stephan & SweetWisterias

It is simple to be engaged in some services, you have a person to person connection, a scene or play. These have a physical interaction, but what about when a service is more removed, managing a calendar, organization of a cloths. Since service is across many spectrum and gambits, Stephan and his girl will take a deep dive into how you receive service as a dominant person type. How to stay engaged and being an active participant regardless of the type of service being given. We
will share stories about the trials and tribulations of many types of service.

Event Planning (Dinner Service) Stephan & SweetWisterias

One of the most fantasized aspects of M/s relationships is formal white glove dinner service. In this class we deep dive into the traditions of formal dinner service, from meal planning, seating arrangements, plate settings, wine pairings, serving the meal. How to help set the expectations for yourself and your guests.

Serving for Dominants? MsDDom and CreamDream

Serving and being a Dominant never seems to settle well among those who believe serving is just for s-types. How does an D-type serve their s-type while maintaining power and authority? How does the s-type learn to respect service from their D-type? What about service to the lifestyle community at-large vs. intimate one-on-one relationships? We’ll define and identify a few areas in which D-types may already be serving and how s-types can appreciate the D-type’s service as an integral part of a relationship dynamic

Overcoming Mental Illness in an M/s Dynamic Sir Luke and His victor

Mental illness is the secret we hide in the closet, the hush-hush of the community. We are told, ” Don’t put your dick in crazy,” as if being ‘crazy’ is a “bad thing.” Our brothers, sisters, and siblings are isolated when diagnosed and shunned as unsafe.
As a 24/7, TPE, Master/slave couple, Sir Luke and His slave, victor, will discuss how they handled the transition from neurotypical to living with a mental illness as well as how they live with it now, every day. They will cover the darker parts of mental illness, the struggles of recovery, and the toolbox they use to maintain a healthy dynamic even in the wake of mental illness. Participate in this peer-to-peer discussion to learn new tools for you.