Power eXchange Summit is a three day celebration of power exchange!

From classes and workshops to social spaces and fun; we are creating a place that is both welcoming to people new to power exchange as well as has great value to those who want more than 101 classes

Columbus, OH ~ date to be determined


World Class Presenters who live what they teach

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A wide range of classes and workshops on power exchange!

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Lots of social spaces and activites; chill, deep talks, chat

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PXS is all things Power Exchange. Classes and workshops; social spaces and fun; we are creating a space that allows for people who are interested in all kinds of power exchange relationships to come and explore our lifestyle. More than just an event, this is a celebration of all Power Exchange relationships.


Master/slave? Dom/sub? Owner/property? Gorean or Taken in Hand? Or something you have defined yourself? The focus of PXS is power exchange relationships of any form. No matter what your style of Power Exchange, you belong!

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